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General Terms of Service

All goods and services available on our website are digitally delivered. We obtain no physical products and will not conduct any delivery based on anything other than digital.

If you are under 18 years of age, you must have the permission of a parent or legal guardian.

Rageboosting.com reserves the right to refuse services to anyone for any reason we deem fit, as well as canceling orders at our discretion.

At any time we may change rules, prices, policies or any content within the site. We are not liable for any adjustments or terminations of certain services that may come effective to you.

Rageboosting.com is not endorsed by or affiliated with Blizzard Entertainment. Because we are not affiliated with Blizzard, we have no control in anything Blizzard may or may not do regarding changes to the game, it's content, or your account.

We are a business whose purpose is to provide Overwatch boosting and sell a variety of Overwatch accounts.

All purchases made should be under the consumption that you hold full responsibilities when ordering with us.

Customers reserve the right to know the status of their boost and estimated completion time.

Independent contractors working with Rageboosting.com as boosters and/or coaches represent only themselves and not Rageboosting.com. If you are unsatisfied or would like to file a complaint regarding a specific booster/coach, you may contact our support team and action may or may not be taken depending on the severity of the situation. Severe complications may result in a refund. (See Refund Policy below)


Refunds may be requested at any time, but will only be granted at the site owners' permission.
All artwork remains copyright under the original copyright owner. If you are the original creator or owner of said artwork and want credit or removal, please contact us and we will fulfill your requirement.